Azure Vacation at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC)

IVAC is situated at the foot of the scenic Chamundi Hills and adjacent to the Royal Lalitamahal Palace. The Centre has been designed on the basis of ancient principles of Vastu, the science of construction and architecture. Consequently, all structural features blend harmoniously to provide a sublime sense of experience and harmony. Further-more, the functional aspects of the Centre is fashioned to accommodate the five elements in a natural way.

EARTH represented by herbs used for the therapies, WATER in the form of decoctions and the tempting swimming pool, FIRE represented by diyas (ethnic lamps), and sound represented by the reverberating Primordial OOOOM sound throughout the property. SPACE represented by aromatherapy, and reflecting the skies above,

Comfortable, simple and private, with ample facilities to give you peace and comfort. Guest rooms are built to achieve an ideal ambience for an Ayurvedic centre. Pleasant panoramic view from the guest rooms, alluring gardens and silent walkways, chirping birds all combine to create a poetic scene. Even the resonating om mantra on the property adds to the healing and spiritual enrichment. The constructions of our villas are based on eco friendly practices.

Ayurvedic consultation: Knowledge of vedic astrology, Vastu (art of construction of house/workspace and interior decoration), and detailed consultation by a knowledgeable ayurvedic vaidya, (ayurveda doctor) who will do ayurvedic pulse reading (nadi vigyan) are important to comprehensively understand the problems being faced by the individual.

Go Green Initiatives: As part of this project we are using 100% certified herbal pesticide to control pests in and around our buildings. It has a nice lingering fragrance and is totally harmless to humans and it is also biodegradable. For plants and trees, we are using a nutritive bio pesticide. We only use organic manure to all our plants and trees. We also use a Vedic formula called Jeevamrita. We are currently working on growing organic vegetables and various organic products.

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